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Beverley Lewin, LMSW - Adoption Consultant
International and Domestic Adoptions


Welcome to my Home Page!

You are probably here because you are interested
in or have already decided to adopt a child.

I am here to help.  I have been privileged to help
many families with their adoptions from all over the
world since 1991. I offer the following services:

    adoption counseling

    home study preparation

    post-placement study preparation


Adopting a child involves embarking on a courageous and exciting
adventure, one that will be more successful and less stressful the more
accurate information  you have and the better prepared you are.

If you are interested in adopting a child send me an email:


Contact Information:
Beverley Lewin, LMSW
7708 Queens Garden Drive
Dallas, TX 75248
972-960-6924 ext 1.
972-960-6926 fax