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 Nepal, April 2011


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Nepal: October/November 2006


Well, it has taken me 15 months to finally put down some thoughts and photographs of our trip to dedicate the memorial "chorten" in Nepal. I have found this task daunting and finally realized that what I truly wanted to share was Trev's memorial and so that is what I will do. More…




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Update - October 04, 2006:


In December of 2005, the Department of Anthropology at Emory University established a permanent award in Trevor's name.  Named the "Trevor E. Stokol Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research", it is being given to the student with the best senior research project that includes a Senior Honor Thesis.  This award is in recognition of Trevor's contribution to the department.


The first recipient received the award on May 2nd of 2006.


"I am pleased with this recognition of Trevor's impact on our lives.  I am sure that Trevor's memory will inspire others to emulate his accomplishment in biological anthropological research.  As I look at the plaque and the student who just received the award, I smile inwardly at my memory of Trevor and Abby at work in the lab and realize how special they were."


George J. Armelagos

Goodrich C. White Professor of Anthropology

Chair, Department of Anthropology

Emory University


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Update - November 01, 2005:


While reading the diary that Trevor left behind at Gorek Shep when he went on his last hike to Base Camp, we found an entry that said: 


"Thanks: Friends and family who wrote to me to say how much they are enjoying the updates. It's all that got me to the computer on the laziest/busiest/hung over days."


Thanks to all of you!!


August 25, 2005:


Trevor was recently awarded a first place in an amateur photo competition for his amazing picture “Firedancer on Koh Phan Ngan, Thailand”


- Check out the website here.


August 20, 2005: Request for stories and photographs


We would like to receive stories and/or photographs from anyone who has traveled with Trevor or who knew him in some way. Please give the names of  photographers so that we can attribute appropriately. Send these to me at







From Trevor's Friends in Nepal


Fri, 19 Aug 2005 17:46:45 +0545


Crystal Main


Dear Barbara Stokol,


My friend, Bethany, and I met Trevor when he was trekking the Annapurna

Range in Nepal.  We met Trevor on June 17th and ended up walking the same

path that he was doing for 3 days.  He talked with us a lot (we were the

only other Americans there) and we enjoyed his company.  I took some photos

of him and put them on a page on my website.  It is


Crystal Main




August 16, 2005: FYI


The Stokol family has decided to create a Trevor Stokol Memorial fund at Solomon Schechter Academy, click here.


August 15, 2005:

Barbara Arnie and Jodi arrived home yesterday and began shiva last night. If you would like to pop in they will be glad to see you.


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August 12:

The responses to the meal participation announcement below have been completely overwhelming. It has been quite inspiring to see and a testimony to the quality of the Stokol family. However, unfortunately, it is impossible to answer them all and we ask you collectively to accept an expression of gratitude to everyone who responded. We will be getting back to you after we have had a chance to speak to Barbara when she feels up to it and decide how to handle the coordination


Message from Beverley:


So many people want to help. I have never known such remarkable support in my life, from so many people, people from around the whole world. I have a list of people who are wanting to bring a meal. I am going to check with Barbara about the kind of food they want, the frequency and when it should begin. It will be their choice. People can then email me with a couple of choices of dates and I will make up a calendar and let them know what to bring and when.


If you would like to participate in providing a meal please email me here and put the word “meal” in the subject line.


(If the above link does not work in your browser use






Dallas Morning News: August 14, 2005.

STOKOL, TREVOR ERIC died "living his dream" with camera in hand near Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal.  Tenacious and resilient, strong physically, emotionally and in truth, he lived an impassioned and full life.  Trevor was a graduate of RMA and Emory University and was about to start medical school, no doubt to serve the disadvantaged.  He lived his 25 years with gusto, knew no stranger and died at peace with himself and the world around him. He will be sorely missed by his parents, sister Jodi and all those who knew and loved him. May our Trevels rest in peace. A memorial service/tribute to Trevor's life will be held Wednesday August 17th at 7:00 pm at Chabad of Dallas. Contributions may be directed to Chabad of Dallas or the Trevor Stokol Fund.

I’m home.



August 11


Last Update:


We are confirmed leaving Saturday at 8 pm and will meet up with Jodi, who is in London spending time with her cousin, to arrive in Dallas on Sunday afternoon.


We will hold the remembrance service and tribute to Trevor's life on Wednesday night August 17th at 7:00 pm at Chabad of Dallas at

6710 Levelland Road, (972) 818-0770.


We are coming home with heavy hearts.



Wed, 13 July:                        
I am walking to Mount Everest tomorrow, to get 
some good pictures  and play on glaciers.  And 
then... I'M COMING HOME on August 1st. I'm having 
a slideshow open house on the afternoon of 
August 7th, so if you're in Dallas, come on over. 
There will be tea.


Here's to living dreams!!





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Donations to help cover the substantial cost of the search and rescue efforts can be made by sending checks to:

Trevor Stokol Fund
P.O. Box 230
Moffett Field, CA 94035

Online donations can be made via PayPal and this link. Please note that PayPal charges a 3% processing fee. Western Disaster Center is the parent organization for 1SRG.

Donations to WDC/1SRG are deductible as defined under Internal Revenue Code
501(c)(3) Section 23701d. 100% of the money donated will go to covering search related expenses in Nepal, none will remain with 1SRG.

The Richardson Texas Rotary, of which Arnold is a member, has established the Stokol Assistance Fund:

The Stokol Assistance Fund
Richardson Rotary Club
P.O. Box 832224
Richardson, TX 75083-2224
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For the long-term:


The Stokol family has decided that one way to memorialize Trevor would be to establish the Trevor Stokol Memorial Scholarship Fund at the Ann and Nate Levine Academy (Solomon Schechter Academy of Dallas).


This fund will help underwrite financial assistance to qualified students and will perpetuate the memory of this wonderful and unique young man.


Contributions can be made directly to Ann and Nate Levine Academy- Trevor Stokol Memorial Fund. An acknowledgement of your gift will be sent to the Stokol Family.

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